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"I tried for 3 1/2 years to get pregnant but no luck. I started following Dr. Cathy's videos and affirmations that she posts on facebook and we got pregnant the next month. I am so excited to be pregnant and can't wait to start feeling the baby move around. I'm already 13 weeks and I am doing the workouts and eating better than I ever had. Thanks so much Dr. Cathy for helping me finally become a mom! "

Lydia, 28 years old from Wyoming


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"This is my 4th pregnancy and it is definitely my healthiest. I never worked out with the others. I didn't know I could. I gained a lot of weight with each pregnancy and it became harder and harder to take off the extra weight. It's been 3 years since I had my last baby and I worked for a long time to get back in shape. This time I was determined that I wouldn't gain as much weight. I'm 22 weeks and have been following Dr. Cathy's videos this entire pregnancy. I've only gained about 15 pounds and I have tons of energy. Every night, after I finish putting my children to bed, I wrap up my day with either the yoga or full body stretch videos. I feel great and I'm showing my children what it means to take care of oneself. Thank you so much for posting this info for us moms!"
- Meredith in California